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Ask Nepeta and Aradia (now with less Equius)

AC: :33< Hello! We wanted to set up an ask blog, so we thought we'd do it together!

AA: S0 feel free t0 ask us questi0ns

AC: :33< h33 h33

AA: 0u0

Oct 6 '13

((hello friends, we are back and we still have march Eridan for like two asks or something??))

Oct 6 '13

((Hold onto your butts, we’ll be back soon.))

Mar 16 '13


((we’re sorry about the lack of asks lately but we’ve been really busy so i think we’ve kinda gone on a bit of a hiatus already but now it’s official. Cause we have our higher exams coming up and also a convention we have to get ready for we don’t really have much time


we will return soon hopefully. With March Eridan too

Mar 1 '13

AA: We have actually… and it’s a w0nderful game

AC: :33< The story is purrfect and the purzzles are really fun! The little  jump scares aren’t all that fun though…

AA: I quite liked the d0ll r00m 0u0

AC:  :00< What!? That was terrifying!

((But wait, what’s this??))

((We’ll just keep Eridan for the next 3 asks, I doubt we’ll get much done in the next 2 days :/ ))

Feb 16 '13

TG: it has been proven with science.

AA: dave…

Feb 15 '13


imageAA: just please, n0

((no more drugs or other crazy stuff please))

Feb 15 '13

pasteur replied to your post

best post ever

((what no omg))

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Feb 15 '13

Feb 15 '13

Feb 15 '13

((Nepeta, activate your shooshpap and stop this madness))