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Ask Nepeta and Aradia (now with less Equius)

AC: :33< Hello! We wanted to set up an ask blog, so we thought we'd do it together!

AA: S0 feel free t0 ask us questi0ns

AC: :33< h33 h33

AA: 0u0

Oct 6 '13

((hello friends, we are back and we still have march Eridan for like two asks or something??))

Oct 6 '13

((Hold onto your butts, we’ll be back soon.))

Mar 16 '13


((we’re sorry about the lack of asks lately but we’ve been really busy so i think we’ve kinda gone on a bit of a hiatus already but now it’s official. Cause we have our higher exams coming up and also a convention we have to get ready for we don’t really have much time


we will return soon hopefully. With March Eridan too

Mar 1 '13

AA: We have actually… and it’s a w0nderful game

AC: :33< The story is purrfect and the purzzles are really fun! The little  jump scares aren’t all that fun though…

AA: I quite liked the d0ll r00m 0u0

AC:  :00< What!? That was terrifying!

((But wait, what’s this??))

((We’ll just keep Eridan for the next 3 asks, I doubt we’ll get much done in the next 2 days :/ ))

Feb 16 '13

TG: it has been proven with science.

AA: dave…

Feb 15 '13


imageAA: just please, n0

((no more drugs or other crazy stuff please))

Feb 15 '13

pasteur replied to your post

best post ever

((what no omg))

Feb 15 '13

Feb 15 '13

Feb 15 '13

((Nepeta, activate your shooshpap and stop this madness))